Monday, December 19, 2011

About the House: Second Bedroom Renovations.

No Monday Mail Out today, due to the fact that the house is in a slight state of chaos at the moment since we started plastering the walls in the second bedroom on the weekend.

I'm not entirely sure where I've put the camera and my laptop is under the bed. These photos are from my iPhone. I have pictures on the camera to use for a Monday Mail Out post, but I guess it'll have to wait until another time. We've pulled all the furniture out of the room, along with all the stuff in the built-in-robe, which is now scattered around the rest of the house. Pretty much wherever it fits and won't be a tripping hazard.

This is how the room looks at the moment. We're hopeful of having everything back in the room by Saturday evening. Our schedule for the week is as follows:

Monday: Sanding and final top coat.
Tuesday: Finish ceiling inside built-in-robe and sanding.
Wednesday: Undercoat and no-more-gaps.
Thursday: Probably more no-more-gapsing around the architraves and skirtings, but hopefully will get the first coat of paint on the walls.
Friday: Finish painting walls and architraves.
Saturday: Move everything back in.

All in time for Xmas...?

1 comment:

  1. All the time and effort will be well worth it.
    I'm sure it will look a treat when finished.

    Hope everything goes according to plan.......

    Claire :}


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