Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Mail Out: Creative Space.

It may be old. It may have dents, scratches and the odd screw hole where no screw goes.
It may be in a colour that does not match our existing furniture at all, but I don't care.
Because I finally have my own creative space.

No more having to use the dining room table! Which is the wrong height anyway and terrible for posture.
I can have all my usual essentials for letter writing and crafting laid out right in front of me, or stashed neatly away inside the drawers. 

I am giddy with organisational glee!
There's also been a sudden burst of motivation to write and create pretty things, and I am completely up to date with my mail.

Thanks to Ma and Pa for keeping this desk, just for me.

(Mail out today to Rusty, Nicki and Rachel) 

Written correspondence has been a hobby of mine for a long time, & Monday Mail Out is a weekly feature whereby I can share my love for the lost art of letter writing. I hope my experiences will encourage others to send out letters on Monday too, and have them rediscover the joy of sending and receiving mail. If you have a blog, feel free to join in.


  1. What a gorgeous writing desk! Something that I have coveted always too. Happy writing will happen there I think.

  2. I love your creative space :)


  3. Looking good Sarah, glad you can put the desk to good use!

    Luv Ma xx

  4. wow lovely writing space. I wish have a desk like that. :-)


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