Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rain over the Ranges...

[Resident ducks in the Willochra]

[Rain at Partacoona]

[Dry creek beds and a kangaroo joey enjoying the rain - mama is under the large gum tree to the left: Look closely and you can just see her (she was well-camouflaged)]

[Parched ruins]

[Rain over the Flinders Ranges, north of Quorn]

Yesterday morning the rain started to fall, so SJ and I took Bailey-dog and went for a drive (4WD) through the Ranges to the north, away from the fire.

It took us two hours to slowly make our way through the riverbeds and over the mountains. We saw oodles of wildlife, out enjoying the cooler weather and water: Kangaroos, emus, birdlife galore, and even reptiles.

In the evening the rain became heavier and more steady, filling our water tanks nicely, refreshing the garden, and dousing that fire.

We are looking forward to a much cooler, less stressful week ahead.

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