Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In My Kitchen: April 2012...

Some people get excited when their partner surprises them with flowers, or chocolates, or jewellery...
Me? I get excited when SJ brings me home tasty, tasty foods that are otherwise considered a treat, such as these wonderfully ripe Lady Finger Bananas.

Their fat little bodies have so much more flavour than standard bananas, and to make sure none went to waste I baked the first loaf of banana bread for the season (a breakfast favourite during the cooler months). Now that SJ is doing some part-time work for a local green grocer, I'm hoping for some more!

The capsicum plants are still loaded with fruit, although they were late bloomers. I've plans for roasted stuffed capsicums to grace the menu this weekend, along with the last of the homegrown baby carrots from the summer crop.

And since we do not have enough beets to pickle, I've been roasting them instead.

At first it felt a little strange to be eating beetroot warm, but they were packed full of flavour. I wasn't sure what to roast them with, so I went with the classics: Threw in some rosemary, onion and garlic, and sprinkled them with a little sea salt and they worked out great!

A bit messy to prepare, but you can always leave the skins on if you want to avoid it. And they do take a little while to cook right through, just so you know.

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  1. Love bananas and your home grown produce!

  2. Thanks for playing, Sorcha! Such lovely fresh produce in your kitchen this month - I especially love the baby carrots! We roast our garden beets, peel them and then puree them into a dip with a little garlic, olive oil, salt and a pinch each of ground coriander, cumin and sweet smoked paprika. Delicious with focaccia! :)

  3. Your banana bread looks so yummy - I would prefer banana bread to flowers anyday, so long as someone would make it for me! XCathy

  4. Mmmm,I love banana bread and [pickled] beets! (not at the same time mind you :-)

  5. Roasted beets! Why have I never thought of that before? I've had boiled beets - not bad, but, um...boiled. Roasted. Must try to remember this.

  6. roasted beets - we love these, try them with a little olive oil, or balsamic vinegar. fantastic.


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