Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Laundry Powder part 2...

One of the comments left over the weekend was on my laundry powder post, and asked for more information about the soap used. Now, I use laundry soap purchased at the supermarket, in part because I like the smell of it (smells just like clean laundry! Funny that), but mostly because I haven't yet bothered to learn how to make my own soap. But I do believe that homemade soap is perfectly suitable for this purpose too.

Since I cannot contact the person who left the comment privately to give them all this information, I thought I'd quickly make a follow-up post in the hope that they will see it if they are reading my blog. Also, it allows for anyone else who may be interested in learning more about homemade cleaning products to go straight to my source (and inspiration), rather than wandering the internet aimlessly looking for something simple and easy.

I was inspired to give homemade laundry powder a go by Rhonda Hetzel. Her blog and book are Down to Earth, and her post Green Cleaning Recipes is a great place to start finding the information you need.

It really is ridiculously simple!


  1. Hi Sorcha
    Yes, I've really enjoyed exploring your posts and Rhonda's blog about green cleaning recipes. It has inspired me to move over to making my own cleaning products now! I'm gathering together the ingredients to get started...
    Thank you for your comment over at mine. We can buy different lentils in the supermarkets here. Puy lentils are great because they don't turn mushy the way that the red lentils do. I am hoping to write up more recipes soonish as I've tried various things of late, which I think other Veggies may be interested in.
    The film of MBC is based on Miles Franklin's book. I spent several years being somewhat obsessed with Australian films in my late teens/early twenties! I too love MF's books. Though from my 21st century perspective I can't help but be so very sad that she was unable to have her lovely man and follow her chosen career too!
    I will definitely look at the Lawson suggestions you've made - thank you!
    Happy days to you!
    PS: if it helps, I got the dvd from Amazon UK ... not sure if it's available from Aus Amazon!

  2. ooh a powder recipie, thank you for posting - i only saw the liquid version and my toploader washing machine prefers powder.

    Have you used it in a toploader washing machine? Now to find what "borax powder" and "washing soda" are in german... :)


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