Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Mail Out: Letter Love...

A weekend spent away from home visiting friends in Adelaide means I didn't have the opportunity to write any mail over the weekend. I plan to make up for it this week, inbetween packing and planning for a (much needed) holiday. This means it is unlikely there will be a Monday Mail Out next week, so I thought I'd make up for it by sharing with you some of my favourite letter-inspired blogs this week. If, like myself, you have a love for the lost art of letter-writing, you won't be disappointed by this selection:

A neat penpalling concept created by Julie in Canada: Handwritten penpal ads shared via the internet! They are such fun to read. The mail that she receives as part of this is amazing. She also has her own online stationery shop.

An interesting array of incoming and outgoing mail, stationery originals, and mail-themed social events.

Steffi is a postcard collector and her blog is a showcase of her incoming mail. Mostly pictures.

Sally writes about a bit of everything, including mail, and this is one of the cutest blogs I've stumbled across to date.

Sirpa in Finland is an amazing watercolour artist. She uses this talent to make mail art. So pretty!

I'd also like to say "thanks" again to everyone who has visited my blog since Friday, left comments and decided to follow. It's nice to know that you find the content of my blog at least a little bit interesting. My blogging aim for this week is to respond to the comments and feedback.

In the meantime, happy reading!

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  1. I'm so touched that you liked my blog and thank you so much for recommending me :)

    Sally from Queenie and the Dew xx


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