Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Mail Out: The Awesomeness of Postcards.

"Night Terrors" mail art postcard from Cheetarah in Holland - painted by hand, which makes it totally awesome. I was completely surprised by its arrival but love the theme and admire Cheetarah's patience in making it...

And this is the other side of the postcard from Cheetarah. I love the stampers! I'm a bit partial to prettying up the written side of a postcard with stampers too. Stampers are awesome.

I added some sparkles to this picture since these postcards are super awesome: Middle sister KJ just got back from a month in the USA. I asked her to send me a postcard. She wrote me 9...

And delivered them personally over the weekend when she came up for a quick visit. I'd still be waiting for them had she relied on the post! Each one is a continuation of the last and read like a journal. Supremely awesome.

Written correspondence has been a hobby of mine for a long time, & Monday Mail Out is a weekly feature whereby I can share my love for the lost art of letter writing. I hope my experiences will encourage others to send out letters on Monday too, and have them rediscover the joy of sending and receiving mail. If you have a blog, feel free to join in.


  1. My Grandmother went on a tour of England, way back when a trip "home" was regulation for any well bred young lady. She sent daily letters to her mother, who saved the lot, and presented them to her, bound, on her return. They are an amazing journal.

    I love that someone went to all the effort to create you a hand painted card. It makes my "gosh, it's a pain to find a stamp" complaints look awfully pathetic!

    1. Mrs A, stamps can be found at the Post Office (assuming you mean the postage kind)! ;)

      But then again, if your post office is anything like the one in Port Augusta I don't blame you if you don't go there: Cramped chaos! Clerks who don't know what they're doing! A line-up to the door! It's enough to make even this hardened letter-writer turn around and walk straight back out.


  2. Those are some great levels of awesome! I love the idea of using the postcards as a journal! While I love postcards, I always struggle with the limited space. I am not a person who can be concise, not even on my best day. So writing on multiple postcards and presenting it as a pack is ingenious.


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