Saturday, July 21, 2012

Package Pals Project 2012: The Big Reveal!

At the end of May I signed up for the Package Pals Project hosted by the lovely Shannah at Write Before Your Eyes. The project entailed being given the name and address of a complete stranger and sending them a package of pretty things!

My send-to partner was Beth in the USA. I stalked her blog for a couple weeks before sending her package. As a result of said stalking I discovered that Beth is an avid snail mailer who likes handmade items, playing golf, and dabbles in the culinary arts.

In the end I decided to send Beth items relating to those particular interests. I handmade a pocket envelope and filled it with blank greeting cards, stickers, postcards, post-it notes, handmade envelopes and letter seals, a stamp issue pack from Australia Post (I went with the Farming Australia theme as I live in a farming district), a recipe book, some ephemera, and a selection of herbal (caffiene-free) tea.

In return I should receive a package of pretty things from a complete stranger, however at the time of writing this post it had not arrived. In fact, I've been waiting on numerous parcels to arrive this week that have not, so I've been left feeling a little deflated, not to mention completely disappointed with the postal service. I am sure the items are on their way, but a weekend seems like such a long time to have to wait for the next postal delivery...

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  1. Cute package and items! I will contact your partner tomorrow and see if all has been sent off! Thank you for participating!


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