Friday, July 27, 2012

The Week in Pictures...

* Tried pruning. I lost confidence after the second branch.

* We have daffodils!

* Some liquid fertiliser, a bit of mulch, warm days followed by some gentle rain - all good for the garden.

* A slow week at work. A short week at work.

* Bailey-dog went to a new vet for his vaccinations and an ear infection. All good!

* Many postcards and a little mail art.

* Potted succulents.


  1. Those oranges look delicious! Probably time for me to make breakfast, hey ;)

    1. Those oranges are the sweetest, juciest oranges I've had in a long time - and they didn't cost a cent! SJ was doing a termite treatment for a client and she had so many oranges on her tree she gave him 2 bags worth! I love free stuff. ;)

  2. I always lose confidence when pruning too. It just doesn't feel right. Counterintuitive.

    Your images have made me smile. Thank you :-)


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