Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Week in Pictures...

* Vegetarian Delights: Salad with boccocini and quorn, drizzled with my favourite salad dressing. It's my new favourite thing to eat. I've been having it every day for lunch when at work as it helps me to pretend that it is, in fact, already spring.

* I made lemon cordial for the first time ever this week using my Nanna's recipe. It made enough for 3 bottles but barely made a dent in the mountain of lemons I have. I might make another batch this week coming and have a go at lemon butter, if I find the time...

* You see, all my spare time may well be gobbled up by Neil Oliver's The History of Scotland, which arrived in the post this week. Loving it.

* Bailey-dog finally went for his post-winter haircut.

* We had SJ's builder Uncle come around to take a look at a bit of cracking along the cornice in a couple rooms, which we'd put up less than 12 months ago. We were concerned it was a major issue, but builder Uncle could not find anything seriously wrong aside from the cornice cement coming away from the wall. Apparently a common problem with stone buildings due to the clash of old and new materials. Easy to fix, though, just a pain in the...

* I can feel the days longer now. When I finish work at the end of the day the sun is still visible over the buildings in town, as opposed to having half disappeared below the horizon already.

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