Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Week in Pictures...

* I've been in an organising frenzy! Even the office where I work got a spring clean!

* I used what will hopefully be the last of the supermarket leeks to make my favourite soup: Leek and red lentil. Our leeks are just about ready to pick.

* We've discovered that the Bailey-dog has a wheat allergy, so every Saturday morning I get up and make wheat and dairy-free kibble for him, enough to last the coming week.

* The daffodils are finally starting to bloom and I am pleasantly surprised by the bright yellow (I had no idea what colour I'd planted). We put them in more than 18 months ago but did not get any flowers last season.

* Bailey-dog and I have a new Sunday afternoon routine that involves a big walk around town.

* I finished one book and started another. There's no better way to wile away the hours than with a good book!

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  1. Lovely post Sarah :)

    I dont always get to comment these days unless I switch to windows explorer, which I happen to be doing today, so it is your lucky day! Bailey looks nice and contented there :)


    1. Contented or bored? Because sometimes I think he is perfectly happy relaxing and then he lets out the biggest of sighs and looks at me with his big brown eyes that scream, "Mama! I'm BORED! Entertain me!".


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