Thursday, December 26, 2013

'Twas a very merry Christmas indeed...

I hope your Christmas Day was as pleasant as ours, with plenty of perfect Christmas weather (dependent on where you are, I suppose), copious amounts of yummy food, and fun times and laughter with family and friends.
It was a warm one for us: 37 degrees Celsius was the maximum at home, but thankfully it was a few degrees cooler at my parents' house 40km away, where we spent most of the day.
The daily temperatures are now expected to rise significantly over the next week. Now until the end of January tends to be the hottest time of the year for us, where temperatures can easily soar to the mid-40s and beyond. As the hottest year on record draws to a close, I'm hoping the BoM's predictions of a hotter than usual summer will be well off the mark!
So, here's to the closing of one year and the dawn of another. I hope 2014 will be splendid for you all.


  1. Merry Christmas to you Sarah!
    We had a lovely a bit overcast day of around 30 here in Gold Coast. I still managed to get sun burnt on the beach.
    It is predicted on Sunday a heat wave of 38!
    Hope you will have a great New Years Eve celebration!

  2. Yum fruchoc cheesecake!

    Twas a perfect day after all :)


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