Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Spring Lament.

Second day of Spring. Already. One minute it’s New Years and the next I’m contemplating Christmas presents and summer holidays. Where has the year gone? I clearly missed the memo that said 2009 will be passing by at break-neck speed. Slow-down, 09! I haven’t had a chance to enjoy you yet!

Second day of Spring and outside my window there are gigantic black storm clouds approaching and the wind is picking up... Again. Spring in this part of the country equates to three months of gale-force winds that blow up dust-storms and give me itchy eyes, skin like a dried prune, and the worst hayfever headaches you can possibly imagine.

Second day of Spring, but thanks to global warming/climate change it’s been Spring-like for the past month already, so the weeds the size of small trees in my garden that I’ve not yet got around to removing are all in flower and will no doubt drop seeds so next year I’ll have even more to contend with. I tried pulling them, but some of them have stems larger than my wrists and I couldn’t fit my hands around them. Then they’d snap at the base and I’d get all antsy and storm off, cursing Mother Nature for inventing thistles, turnip weed and marshmallow weed and making them all appear in my garden at once.

Second day of Spring and I already have my tomato plants in (four different kinds!), along with some strawberry plants and a bunch of seedlings on the way. If the wind doesn’t blow them away I’m hopeful of a bountiful home-grown crop come summer. The Winter Garden was only semi-successful: we walked away with some baby carrots, spinach and parsley, but the cauliflower and the cabbage will no doubt go straight to seed and the onions are confusing me: I’ve no idea when to pick them.

Second day of Spring and this weekend (weather permitting) will see me in the backyard, attempting to landscape my garden. I spent a ridiculous amount of money last weekend on purchasing a bunch of “drought tolerant” (I always screw my nose up slightly at this claim; can anything be truly drought tolerant?) plants to add colour and some semblance of organisation and design to our yard. And the patch of weeds where my lawn used to be needs mowing.

Second day of Spring and the sun is shining when I wake up in the morning, and it’s still daylight when I get home at night. Soon it will be Daylight Saving and my poor dog will be terribly confused when we’re out of bed before he is.

Second day of Spring and I’m already onto the second book in my Spring Reading List and I’ve hopes to get back into some crafting now that the days are brighter. There’s something about the sight of flowers and the sound of birds that makes me want to be creative and artsy (or, at least attempt to be). I’ve ideas for three separate journal-style scrapbooks, and I’ve a non-official Wicked/Elphaba inspired ATC swap organised with another swapper on Swap-Bot, all of which I cannot wait to get started and share with everybody.

Second day of Spring and I plan on wasting the rest of it away lost in good books and crafts, and browsing awesome blogs that ensure I am endlessly entertained, including new-found favourites Ask Your God, Paper Cakes, Eco Princess and Good Grief Blog (if you’ve not checked them out yet, I highly recommend that you do).

Second day of Spring and I am severely behind in my blog updates, but I want to let everyone know I’ve many things to share, including photos, stories, tid-bits and recipes that I’ve just not got around to writing up yet. Bare with me whilst I try and get myself organised. I suffer severe bouts of procrastinitis, which tends to disappear as quickly as it appeared, so things should be back to normal soon. I also have some planned giveaways, so keep an eye out for those coming up real soon!

...Oh, look: Dust on the horizon.
Why, hello, Spring! I can't say I've missed you...


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  1. It seems as if you're not really a spring person. I love it, I love the heat and the rains and the huge thunderstorms and being able to take my cars top down. But I also think that your climate is much much drier than in South Africa. Have fun and enjoy whatever you doing. Looking forward to see some photographs.


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