Friday, January 11, 2013

365 Mail Art Project: Week 14

At the start of the week I received a wonderfully decorated letter from my penfriend, Laura, in Victoria, Australia. She'd decorated it with Mary Engelbreit pictures and included extras for me to use as part of my 365 Mail Art Project. Perfect timing, really, as I'd struggled to come up with a theme for this week: I like to use themes as they keep me focused on the task at hand. Also, it makes each piece like a series within a series and I think that's kind of nifty.
Do you find creating with a theme in mind easier as well or are you completely spontaneous?
#40 of 365:
The first of the Mary Engelbreit pieces, which I entitled "Midsummer", is on its way to Raquel in Sweden, whose street is Midsommargrand. I assure you that was entirely accidental.

#41 of 365:
Happy red and black thoughts are on their way to Sarah in the USA. It'll be interested to see how well the brad travels through the post: I've received mail art envelopes with these attached in the past but this is the first time I've tried using brads on mail art myself. Fingers crossed!

#42 of 365:
Getting lost in a good book is something I've been doing a lot of lately! This colourful creation is on its way to Riley in the USA.

#43 of 365:
Since I was giving brads a try I thought I'd experiment with buttons as well: I've no doubt we will know how well they travel through the post soon enough. Louise in the UK is quite talented with the sewing machine, so I made this envelope especially for her.

#44 of 365:
This owl is so cute! I'm sending him to Janice-Marie in Australia with a few other little surprises.

#45 of 365:
Rain is something we definitely need right now and I know Kerri-Lynne in Australia could use some too, so this envelope seemed perfectly apt.


  1. Would you believe I was sitting here and heard pitta patta and I think Adelaide just got about 14 drops of rain...................maybe 15.

  2. Really beautiful envelopes!

  3. You do a lovely job with your envelopes Sarah, they are very pretty :)

  4. Sarah--I'm so excited to hear from you!! Have a beautiful day!
    ~ Ms. Always Traveling


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