Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Heatwave Survival: Days 7 - 9

[Day 8: Temperature peaked at 46*C at around 3pm yesterday]
[Iced tea: Perfect thirst-quencher on hot, hot days]
Are you tired of me writing about the weather yet? I wouldn't blame you if you were. I'm tired of it consuming my every waking hour: I am constantly worrying about the garden and having to keep it damp and shaded from the sun, but despite my efforts we are starting to lose plants and I'm feeling a little disillusioned by it all.
Today is day 9 of official heatwave. The BoM predicted a maximum temperature of 37*C today but it has already reached 39*C. I think, perhaps, where the weather is measured there is a sea breeze that is not strong enough to penetrate through to this side of the Ranges. However, we are hopeful that tomorrow will bring about a break in the weather: 31*C. It's going to be in the high-30s again by Thursday but 31*C will feel like absolute bliss, even if it is only for one day. I've already started making a list about all the things I can do whilst the temperature is reasonable. I might even be able to use the oven.
In the meantime I'm slothing under the air con drinking copious amounts of iced tea. Does anyone else drink it? I make homemade lemon iced tea and keep a jug in the fridge and a mountain of ice cubes in the freezer. I thought I'd share my "recipe" incase anyone else out there suffering in the heat wants to give it a try.
Lemon Iced Tea
You will need:
3 - 4 pure black ceylon teabags (I use 3 teabags of Lipton black)
500ml boiling water
A 2 litre jug
Lemon juice*
Sugar to taste
Ice cubes
1. Put the kettle on. Whilst you wait for it to boil, put 3 - 4 of your teabags in a measuring jug. Pour 500ml of boiling water over the teabags and let them sit for 5 minutes. Be mindful of the time:  If you let them brew too long the tea will turn bitter.
2. Remove the teabags and pour tea into a 2 litre jug and top up with cold water. Put in fridge to chill.
3. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass, add sugar to sweeten and a splash of hot water. Stir until the sugar dissolves. Then fill your glass with the chilled tea from the fridge, adding a few ice cubes when you're done.
4. Drink. Enjoy. Repeat.
* I use fresh lemon juice because I like the tang it adds to the tea. However, if you don't have fresh juice you can use cordial in its place - minus the sugar, of course, because cordial is sweet enough already.

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  1. That lemon tea sounds refreshing, I shall file it away in my recipes :)



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