Friday, February 1, 2013

365 Mail Art Project: Weeks 16 & 17

I received in the post recently a copy of the NRM magazine for the northern and Yorke regions of South Australia. It doesn't cost a thing and as I was reading through its articles about weed control, conservation methods and plover adoptions, I couldn't help but notice the amazing pictures within. My favourite thing about these pictures is that they are all quintessentially South Australian.
So, I kept them. I figured they'd provide some kind of inspiration for some kind of project eventually. Now they adorn envelopes and will shortly be traversing the globe.
#50 of 365:
Stunning red dragonfly for Astrid in Germany.

#51 of 365:
A rare sight in these parts: A creek with water in it! This is for Arjen in Belgium.

#52 of 365:
Adorable plovers for Mirja in Germany.

#53 of 365:
One of the prettiest sights in South Australia are the wine regions, especially in summer when the vines are lush and green. This vineyard is for Megumi in Japan.

#54 of 365:
Some people will get more than one piece of mail art out of this project, simply because I don't know 365 people. This summerscape is the second piece of mail art for Laura R in Victoria, Australia.

#55 of 365:
This beach could be any number along the South Australian coastline and it's on its way to Carley in the Adelaide Hills.

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