Friday, February 8, 2013

365 Mail Art Project: Week 18

Three crafting epiphanies I had this week:
1. Mail art is exceptionally cost effective if you reuse and recycle, because just about anything can be turned into art (all you need is a little imagination).
2. Stuck for ideas? Fashion (of any era) makes for interesting themes. To find it all you need to do is type it into an online search engine.
3. Washi tape is quite possibly the most amazing and addictive crafting supply ever invented. I love it. I need more of it. I must washi until I can washi no more!
#56 of 365:
An upcycled/recycled envelope and writing paper for Rachael in England...

#57 of 365:
More upcycled/recycled prettiness, this time lemons for Lindy in Australia...

#58 of 365:
1950s vintage for Ursa in Slovenia...

#59 of 365:
...and Marta in Italy...

#60 of 365:
...and Claudia in Germany.


  1. Very nice Sarah. I'm in the midst of a fad of upcycling childrens picture books for my envelopes at the moment.

  2. Off to google washi... Although I don't yet know what it is, I already know I probably need some ;)

  3. Love--LOVE--the vintage ones!!
    My letter to you is in the post, but we've had a bit of snow delay up here! You'll be getting it soon!

  4. Alas, the dearly beloved washi tape!! I only have one roll, which is black with white dots, the most generic kind you can pick up as its found at a very large, blue, and easily known place in the states. I dream of placing an order from one of the etsy washi shoppes this year!! :) Do you buy yours from: IntheClear, PrettyTape, or Chickydoodle!? Or another online/etsy shoppe?!

    My envelope art trick of late: "Let Go!" I used to create 'layouts' before adherring everything down into place,... these days?! I just grab everything in random order, and stick it down! The results have surprised me, because its a whole new level of mixed media collage with a victorian/vintage spin! :) Of course, picking up mini alpha rubberstamps has helped me heaps!

    I love each envelope you create, as each is a piece of unique individual expression! Who wouldn't love that?! Plus, I like how you use washi as a way to blend into the overall collage! :)


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