Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Week in Pictures...

** The days just seems to be flying by! Although they are full, busy days I didn't take many photos. I need to be more mindful of enjoying the small moments and the simple things. Stopping to take a photograph helps me find more appreciation in things: I can look back on it later and remember a fraction of time that might otherwise have been lost and think, "Oh, that was such a trial/so exciting/completely amazing/a learning curve" etc.
** My parents came up for an afternoon cup of tea and a chat. They brought a bounty of homegrown goodies: Pumpkins, rockmelon, nectarines, capsicums, Japanese eggplant and cucumbers. There was also a jar of homemade nectarine jam, which I am keen to try. We spoke about the poor quality of supermarket food, the absence of a regular farmer's market in our region and the importance of growing your own fruit and vegetables.
** We also received some homegrown figs from Shane's parents. I ate them all.
** There's not a lot happening in our own vegetable garden. The zucchini has a few small fruits that I hope to start picking in the coming days, but I don't think it has fully recovered for the hot spell we had the first three weeks of January. The corn didn't survive the heat at all: Not a single cob was worthy of keeping. We pulled the plants out earlier in the week. We are still getting cherry tomatoes, but the marmandes are doing poorly. Eggplant is thriving, the potato plants seem healthy and I picked a gigantic leek this week, so not entirely disappointing.
How did you spend your week?


  1. I have had a huge weekend and feel like work tomorrow might feel like I never had a weekend at all! Oh well it is good to be busy at times.
    We are going to try and shop at our local farmers markets more, we had a chat about it this weekend actually. The supermarket stuff has been especially bad lately and I find that it doesnt last as long!

  2. I would be interested in what you think of the new Nectarine Jam?


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