Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Week in Pictures...

** This week began and ended in much the same fashion as the past 8: Hot, bored and hot. The difference this week, however, is that I've started planning changes to the veggie patch for future summers and I've started thinking about the best way to grow fruits and vegetables during the winter. All I need now is a (cool) change in the weather; preferably one that doesn't replace the drop in temperature with a burst of humidity. That achieves absolutely nothing.
** After my post about water on Tuesday it rained, albiet a tiny little bit. If we need to be technical about it, it was less than 1mm over 2 consecutive days. That wasn't even enough to wash away the layer of dust and dirt that has taken up residence on everything. It was also so ridiculously humid that I thought I'd died and gone to Darwin.
** We have a little magpie friend that pops by every few days for something to eat and drink (it's so dry that there is little of either around for them at the moment). He speaks to us in warbles. Once he's had a bit of food and water he scoots down to the flowerbeds to chase the lizards and bugs. Adorable. 
** I wrote another epic 20+ page letter. I've been doing this a lot lately (writing long letters, that is). If you don't hear from me in awhile it's probably because I've broken every bone in my hand from overuse (seriously, have you ever written 20-odd pages in one sitting? Broken is how the hand feels).


  1. What a busy week! Did you see the news clip about over 31 magpies being found dead in a residential area. They were poisoned, and the people responsible haven't been caught. Very sad.

    1. About 15 years ago someone in the town here poisoned the water that the birds would drink in an attempt to cull the cockatoos, but it was the magpies who fared worse. Their numbers have never properly recovered. That's why I so enjoy it when the magpies come in for a drink and to hunt for food in the backyard, because you don't see them very often.

  2. oh, your puppers is so cute (as always!)
    I love hearing about your magpie friend, I hope that you get some more rain so they will visit more!



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