Sunday, September 1, 2013

365 Mail Art Project: Weeks 46 & 47

I've been busy this past fortnight turning photographs into handmade postcards.
What a fantastic way to share favourite photos! I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner.
Weeks 46 & 47:

This selection of handmade postcards went out to:
#149: Mikaela in USA
# 150: Allison in USA
#151: Justina in Australia
#152: Rachel in USA
#153: Athanasia in Greece
#154:Barbara in USA
#155: Amber in USA
#156: Amy in Australia
#157: Denica in Australia
#158: Sarah in USA
#159: Meredith in USA
#160: Ingrid in USA
#161: Millie in USA
#162: Claudia in Germany
#163: Amanda in USA
#164: Beth in USA
#165: Tammie in USA
#166: Ksenia in Australia
#167: Lynn in USA
I also recently made an art journal letter booklet to send to a friend, but I didn't share it at the time as I wanted her to receive it before posting it on my blog, so I left it un-numbered, until now.

#168 of 365:
Masqued vampires (and 80 pages of creative missive awesome!) for Laura in the UK.

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  1. Love your homemade postcards! It must be nice that LEP has so many of your fellow Aussies so you save on postage a little bit on this project, eh? ;)


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