Sunday, September 22, 2013


Today is the spring equinox in Australia, that time of year when light and dark are in equal measure. From here on in, however, the days will become longer than the nights as we progress into summer.
It is gloriously sunny, possibly a little too warm today. It may be the time for spring but there are certainly many signs of summer about the place: Clear blue skies, dry ground, bees, bugs and FLIES. On the days when it's not windy (that's just September in the Ranges, I'm afraid), the days are what many would consider to be rather perfect. It's a shame that spring is such a short season here: No sooner have we emerged from our winter snug than it is time to retreat back indoors for summer hibernation...
But I'll dwell on that another day.
Right now I just want to be out in the garden, enjoying the sunshine.

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  1. oh gosh I love summer, long hot days are right up my alley. I always get excited when the days start to get longer, now I just have to wait until daylight savings starts.


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