Sunday, September 22, 2013

365 Mail Art Project: Weeks 48, 49 & 50

Week 48:
Postcards made using upcycled pictures from an old tourist brochure went out to:
#169: Venus in Canada
#170: Liz in Canada
#171: Jessica in USA
#172: Blake in USA
Week 49:

Postcards made from scraps of card stock, paper, magazines and letters went out to:
#173: Martina in Germany
#174: Elaine in Canada
#175: Claire in UK

And postage collage cards went to:
#176: Jennifer in USA
#177: Laima in USA
Week 50:

My friend, Jen, is the Master in the art of marbled paper. She comes up with the best colour combinations that I absolutely love. So, of course I had to use some in my mail art project!
Decorated with washi and vintage typewriters, these pretty marbled envelopes are going out (with letters enclosed, of course!) to:
#178: Jennifer in Australia
#179: Nicola in Australia
#180: Hannah in UK
#181: Eleonora in Italy
#182: Raquel in Sweden
#183: Kelly in Malaysia
(POSTSCRIPT: Jen has an Etsy store and sells her marbled paper in sets, if you are interested in obtaining some for yourself)


  1. Very very creative! I love all your mail arts. Keep the ideas coming! :)

  2. I received mine the other day, thank you! It's beautiful. I can't believe you just read A History of Ancient Britain - I bought that book a few weeks ago while visiting a Castle not far from me (not Colchester Castle as that is closed this year). I haven't read it yet, but I am looking forwards to it. There is SO much history in Colchester you literally trip over bits of it as you walk around ;)
    - Claire


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