Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Friendship...in a book.

Today I received the most wonderful letter from my friend Laura, which I've been (impatiently) awaiting for just over a week. Our correspondence has continued almost unabated for the past fifteen years, during which time we've established the most solid of friendships.
Now that she is living in the UK (after a mammoth move from Sydney), the mail is a bit slower so more time passes between letters. I've not met anyone else with whom I can exchange excessively long missives whilst also regularly keeping in touch via text messages, emails and tweets (we'd Skype too if the technology was available in the Ranges, but alas! it is not). Laura and I simply never run out of things to "talk" about.
Today I received a beautiful letter from Laura in a notebook, filled with pages of news and decorated with all our favourite things: History, books, fantasy creatures, horror themes, haunted houses, photography, ghosts, skeletons and monsters. (Yes, we are both grown women in our 30s!)
It was the perfect end to a crazy day.
But the best thing by far is to have so many tangible representations of our friendship, collected over the years. Anyone who tries to proclaim that letter-writing is boring, out-dated and a complete waste of time clearly isn't doing it right!


  1. That's gorgeous Sarah! You must take after your Nanna, she loves letter writing :)


  2. Hello, Sarah,
    I think I left comments before in your blog, but I'm not sure... Anyway, I read it regularly, and I just wanted to say that I like your posts.

    This one reminds me my best penpal ever (not difficult: today I got two letters from her!). We have been penpalling for more than 25 years now, from our school time. We can't meet frequently, but we are always in touch. We have moved some many times since our first letter, even changed the country (we're both from Spain, but she is living in the UK and I live in Morocco right now).

    So I can understand when you say "Laura and I simply never run out of things to "talk" about." And guess what? Also her name's Laura! :D

  3. I hate it when my reply disappears, similar to your twitter eating! Damn you google!

    As I was saying....I'm glad my letter finally arrived & you liked it, I've already started the next epic adventure :-)

    And BTW Hampton Court Palace is having a SLEEPOVER. Yes, a sleepover. And why aren't you here so we could go on this little adventure together?

    1. I read about the sleepover! I think £100 is quite a bargain. It's sounds AMAZING!
      ~S. xo


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