Friday, December 21, 2012

365 Mail Art Project: Week 11

Well, it's the 21 December 2012 and I'm waiting for the end of the world!
I've no idea when or where or what is supposed to happen but I'm keeping a close eye on the skies and keeping my fingers-crossed for three days of darkness! (I figure that if there is no sun the predicted temperature of 45*C won't be able to take place over the weekend. Logical, right?)
Whilst I await impending doom, I've been dilly-dalling in a bit of mail art. Zombie mail art, to be exact, because when I think of the apocalypse I think of brain-eating zombies. Lock all your windows and doors, people!
If all goes to plan, the following pieces of mail art will be sent today and postmarked 21/12/12:
#24 of 365:
Zombies of the Apocalypse no.1 on its way to Rachel in Alaska...

#25 of 365:
Zombies of the Apocalypse no. 2 on its way to Laura in Victoria, Australia...

#26 of 365:
Didn't quite turn out like I'd hoped, but Zombies of the Apocalypse no. 3 will be sent to Gillian in Scotland.

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