Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Week in Pictures...

** We finished painting the bathroom the day before Christmas Eve (what is that? Christmas Eve Eve?)...Actually, I lie: It's not finished at all. The walls and ceilings are done but the architraves and doors currently have nothing more than the undercoat and I'm not rushing to get it done. We're coming into the hottest part of the year now and it is simply too hot for paint: It'll dry on the brush and become nothing more than a sticky mess. So I shall finish the painting when the weather cools.
** I know it's supposed to be an enjoyable time but Christmas stresses me out! I didn't finish cooking, cleaning the house and wrapping presents until 12.30 in the morning. We were both so very, very tired and yet barely a wink of sleep was had on account of the noisy neighbours across the road. They partied in the noisiest way possible until 9am Christmas morning (and then no doubt slept all day). I'm fairly certain that isn't appropriate neighbourly behaviour.
** Despite being uber tired, Christmas Day was nice: BBQ breakfast with the in-laws followed by lunch with my family. I received a bunch of wonderful, useful gifts - cookery, crockery, kitchenware, framed photos, books and jewellery, plus my sister made me carrot cake cupcakes. We handmade 99% of the Christmas gifts we gave this year and although it required a lot of preparation, we didn't have to fight the Christmas shoppers to get any of it done. It felt good to give without blowing the budget too.
** The rest of week has passed rather slowly, much to my delight. The weather for the most part has been pleasant with temperatures in the low 30s (degrees Celsius) and cool southerly breezes in the evenings. Until last night even the neighbours had been quiet! But now we are getting ourselves ready for the first heatwave of the summer, which is looking to be a real stinker (a heatwave in South Australia is 5 or more consecutive days of 37*C and above, by the way). I plan to wile away the days with a good book or two.
How about you?


  1. Iv'e read one Chrissie pressie book already...and the days here have been slow and steady, really nice...yes, gearing up for the onslaught of hot weather, trialling umbrellas in the garden to protect the veg.....damn noisy neighbours....they make me want to put on a grey wig and use a fake walking stick and go and give them a right old nana rant....

    1. Yes, we started trialling our own veg-protect system today, which is made up of many strategically placed pieces of shadecloth and old sheets. My only worry is that if the north wind picks up such protection will prove worthless, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and begging Mother Nature to be kind. :/

  2. We are not looking forward to noisy neighbours tonight (New Years Eve) and we don't need a grey wig just a very noisy motorbike with air horns :o)


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