Monday, December 10, 2012

Bathroom Renovation: Days 13 - 16

It has been the last four days that have been the most stressful of our bathroom renovation, as now we're up to the part that matters: The stuff that everyone will see - what we will see on a daily basis.
This is the part where you keep an eye on everything because there's nothing worse than finding a tradie doing something different than what you've asked for, especially when it's something you're going to be forced to look at for the rest of your life. Or, at least the next 15 years. When something's not quite right it can certainly feel like a lifetime. Trust me.
We're at the stage where we can see how things will look once they're finished. We wanted a resort feel to our bathroom: Simple, practical, classy. We chose slate grey tiles for the floor and plain, glossy white tiles for the walls, white bath and vanity unit with a gloss finish, and high quality chrome fittings.
I would say that things are 90% on par with how I'd imagined them to be. I reckon that's pretty good. Not everything could be done exactly as we'd planned but when dealing with old houses and having a bathroom set over an underground water tank, we knew there would be limitations. Afterall, the bathroom design changed three times before we came up with something that would actually work with the space and location we'd been given.
The tradies will finish up today. The bathroom will be back in use from this evening. Tomorrow I will start painting.
The end is in sight!

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