Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bathroom Renovation: Days 5 - 12

Just a quick update today on the progress of our bathroom reno, which has now reached day 12. There's not many photos to share as not a lot has happened in the past 8 days. In fact, for 4 of those 8 days, nothing happened at all!
We picked up the replacement basin, showerhead and mixer last Saturday morning after the original order was lost in transit, only to discover that the mixer was not the one we wanted. So on Monday morning we had to order the correct mixer tap and that arrived Tuesday around noon. Then we had to get the plumber in, a local who was a real champ: Dropped everything to come around and get the pipe-work done so that the tilers could come in the following day.
The floor tiles in the toilet have not yet been grouted but they are glued to the floor. As you can see, we currently have no loo so I've been staying at the in-laws - I can live without a functioning bathroom but the loss of a functioning (albiet barely) toilet is a whole different matter!
Today the floor tiles in the bathroom should be laid and, if all goes according to plan, our new toilet may be installed later this afternoon. We're still a few days off finishing but I'm hoping it'll all be complete by the end of the upcoming weekend.
If I was to be perfectly honest I would say that I am completely over the whole thing. Something that was supposed to take 10 days (max!) is now looking to be around 16 days before completion. That's practically a whole extra week! And the people to blame? That'd be the freight company who lost our original order of basin, showerhead and mixer-tap, which had they not "misplaced" it would have been with us a week prior to the tradespeople coming in to do the work.
And don't even get me started on the mess that will need cleaning up! You should see the place...No, I take that back. You shouldn't see it at all: It's embarrassing.
I really am going to need that long soak in a hot bath once it's all over!


  1. I remodeled my bathroom this summer. It was a nightmare. The plumber wanted to manage the job and freaked out on me. He took out the pipes, cut off the water and yelled at me so I had to fire him. He took the $1700 I'd given him for materials too. Then I had to get these random people to finish the job and this guy was helping out his son in law who was the typical know it all 25 year old. I could have done his part of the work better than he did. The only good thing was the plumbing was done correctly the rest of it is mediocre.

    Good luck to you!

    1. Mary, I have come to the conclusion that a bathroom renovation is the pits! And I didn't even suffer a dodgy plumber! :/

  2. Looking good there Sarah, I like the new tiles in the toilet :)


    1. We've received a lot of comments on the floor tiles. Would you believe they were Shane's choice? ;)
      ~S. xo


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