Friday, December 28, 2012

365 Mail Art Project: Week 12

I hope everyone had a pleasant festive season?
Inbetween trying to research my maternal grandmother's family tree (it would appear her people don't exist) I've been dabbling in a bit more mail art.
This week's theme = Feel Good Inc.
I made postcards.
#27 of 365:
Fancy a cup?
For C in USA...

#28 of 365:
A clean slate on its way to C in Germany...

#29 of 365:
Bright and happy for B in Malaysia...

#30 of 365:
A very hungry caterpillar for T in Holland...

#31 of 365:
And some classic Victorian glamour for H in Holland...

#32 of 365:
A bird with a french fry for S in Malaysia...

#33 of 365:
A state of dreaming for W in Australia...

#34 of 365:
Getting lost in books with F in Australia...

#35 of 365:
And - finally! - wondering where the time went with M in Australia.


  1. I am beyond thrilled with the amount of Anne of Green Gables in this week's mail art challenge. Green Gables representing! ;)

    Seriously, where do you get these marvelous images for your mail art?

    1. My first thought when reading this: "How does she know they are Anne of Green Gables quotes?" (one of my favourite books, btw).

      My second thought: "Oh, she's Canadian".

      (Yes, I am making the assumption that every Canadian knows Anne of Green Gables word-for-word. Please don't burst my fantasy bubble and tell me otherwise)

      -->99% of the pictures I use in my mail art come from Google image search. Where else? ;)



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