Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Week in Pictures...

** I traded cupcakes for a bathroom reno. Ha! I wish! Although, I did make plenty of butterfly cupcakes whilst the tradies were here. Those babies go down a treat.
** I found some stewed quandongs in the freezer (last year's pick) so I took them out and made Wild Peach Pie. As I was feeling generous I let Shane and his mum also have a piece each. I ate the rest.
** I took my first bubblebath in four years, although I didn't pick the best day: It was humid and I found sitting in a steaming bath to be a little suffocating after about 20 minutes. On the upside, the water didn't go cold!
** It was stupidly hot the past week and looks to repeat the week ahead. At this stage the BoM is predicting we'll be celebrating sweating Christmas Day in style with temperatures in the mid-40s (degrees Celsius) and possible thunderstorms. I'd much rather be snowed in.
** Sign that it's almost Christmas #1: The agapanthus have begun to bloom!
Sign that it's almost Christmas #2: Apricots on the tree, almost ripe enough to pick but not quite. Give it a few days (this is what I keep telling myself despite the fact that I'm so impatient I've been eating them half green. They still taste pretty amazing, though).
** One of the great things about having a garden is pretty little surprises like venturing down to the vegie patch and finding the leeks (which didn't grow big enough to pick) in flower.
How was your week?


  1. Yum look at all that food!

    Bet you enjoyed your bath even though it was humid :)

    Nice bunch of apricots...I had better check mine tomorrow, they are usually ready this time of year too. I had forgotten about them!


    1. WHY DO APRICOTS TAKE SO LONG TO BE RIPE? I feel as though I've been waiting FOREVER to pick them. Just a couple more days, I'm sure...
      ~S. xo


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