Friday, November 9, 2012

365 Mail Art Project: Week 5

My goodness! How quickly a week passes! I had a multitude of blog posts to make this week and yet here we are: Friday again and all I have to show for the past seven days are two (2!) attempts at mail art. The creative juices were severely lacking this week.
12 of 365:
I recycled some cancelled postage stamps and old correspondence to make a collage envelope for Rusty...

13 of 365:
And made some envelopes using pages of old magazines and washi tape, one of which is on its way to Tomoe.


  1. I love the first envelope! What kind of "old correspondence" did you use? Letters you received once or did you get them from someone else?
    All the best!

    1. Hi Caddi! I recently organised my boxes of correspondence and found some old letters from people that I did not write to for very long (only exchanged one or two letters), but rather than throwing them out I thought they might come in handy for some crafting. It's a work in progress! ;)


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