Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Week in Pictures...

* Our week started at the beach, where Shane went fishing and caught himself a King George Whiting. Just the one. And nothing else.
* Bailey-dog and I spent our seaside getaway taking strolls along the beach where there was oodles of seaweed to investigate and plenty of seagulls to chase.
* It was hot when we got home. Or perhaps the absence of a sea breeze makes things feel hotter than they actually are? Although, it is 41*C (106*F) today and that is decidedly H-O-T.
* Prior to the temperature well and truly soaring, Bailey-dog and I spent some time outside on Friday: I wrote letters whilst he went to sleep on the grass.
* I picked a cabbage! And it had no grubs or bugs! After the broccoli went straight to seed and with the birds determined to dig out and eat all my new seedlings, this single cabbage makes me pleased beyond measure. Tomorrow it will become coleslaw.


  1. Congratulations on the cabbage! That is seriously impressive!

    1. Here's hoping it tastes as good as it looks! ;)

  2. Now that is one big fish S caught! Hope he enjoyed it :) How'd your cabbage go? My onions and leeks are ready to be picked.

    A couple of days of warm weather coming...this wind can rack off though!


    1. You should hear the story about the one that got away! ;)

      Cabbage was good: No bugs and made a lovely coleslaw. I have another two in the garden at the moment, but I think one will be no good on account of the moths, but the other seems to be almost untouched. Here's hoping!

      I've picked three leeks this week and will make some soup with them tomorrow. :) Onions are not quite ready, though.

      ~S. xo


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