Saturday, November 3, 2012

365 Mail Art Project: Weeks 3 & 4

7 of 365:
I recycled a tea box by turning it into an envelope for Hannah...

8 of 365:
Inspired by our trip to the seaside, I made an ocean themed envelope for Dina...

9 of 365:
Whilst Beltane resulted in a colourful spring-inspired envelope for þorey...
10 of 365:
Dearest Lau sent me some new season episodes of Ghost Adventures (one of my favourite TV shows - hilarious fun!) with her letter, so I made some ghostly/paranormal themed stationery for my reply...

11 of 365:
And since I was in a supernatural mood, Riley's letter is wickedly witchy.
**FYI: I have decided to move the 365 Mail Art posts to Friday of every week, due to the fact that we are quite regularly not at home on Saturday. This should have been apparent to me from the outset, but in my enthusiasm I clearly overlooked it. So, from here on in, please check every Friday for the weekly 365 Mail Art Project posts.


  1. I'm super excited to receive it! Can't wait to hear from you--
    ~ Ms. Always Traveling

  2. Wow! I love them, they are all so pretty.


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