Saturday, November 17, 2012

365 Mail Art Project: Week 6

#14 of 365:
A bit of witch history, animal magic and a splash of red for Lauren in Australia. I finished it off with a tiger postage stamp.

#15 of 365:
Do people keep the envelopes that their mail comes in? I do. 
This envelope for Klementina in Croatia (with whom I share one of my longest penfriendships) is made from vellum paper and decorated with peacock teardrops.

#16 of 365:
Yet another handmade envelope (this time using a page from a gardening magazine) highlighted with some green teardrops for Nicki in Australia.

#17 of 365:
Faeries for Astrid in Austria! This envelope was made from an old Brian Froud calendar (Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book, to be exact), to which I've added the teardrop decoration. My letter to Astrid is so terribly overdue, but what better way to send it than via faeries doing silly things!


  1. I was over on Pen Pal of the Week, noticed your comment on Arjen's Introduction, and clicked over here! :) I wanted to say, that yes, I most definitely keep the envelopes that my friends' letters arrive in! Moreso, even to that, I keep them in special folders, so that each friend's correspondances are in one place... I can take out their last letters, postcards, notelets, enclosures, etc., etc., at any moment in time, not just limited for next replies. I love spending /hours/ writing a friend. I never even notice the time that goes by, as I find that as I converse through a letter, its as though time has stopped and just for a bit, I'm elsewhere. And my friend is there too, and once the letter is delievered the other half of the conversation can begin. I love to decorate my envelopes -- especially vintage and victorian collages! Your envelopes are quite keen indeed! Many blessings to you this Thanksgiving week, with a hearty nod to blissful weather when it finds you, and loads of joy when your postman delivers the beautiful replies most likely inbound back to you!

    {PS} I realise your a world away, and its not Thanksgiving,... but I think almost anyone can attest, that friendship, mail, and the little bobbles of ordinary joy are always something to celebrate and be /thankful/ for...even if its Autumn here and Spring over there...

    1. Oh, Jorie, you are absolutely right: Getting a real letter in the post is certainly something to be thankful for! :)
      I didn't get one today, but who knows what tomorrow will bring? ;)

  2. I was a bit curious, do you crochet or knit!? Reason being, I noticed that you speak of Jane Austen quite a bit on your blog, and although, I haven't had the proper chance to read through those postings, I could be in error that your an admirer of hers, but I stumbled across something quite extraordinary at the bookshoppe last year: Jane Austen Knits! A magazine devoted strictly to knitting (and/or crochet) patterns that pay homage to her niche in history. I cannot wait to start to pick up copies myself, but if you haven't come across them yet, go here:

    As it gives you a nice preview in pictures of what you can find inside! I find each issue (I've looked at 3 in person!) such a treasure trove of ideas and knitted wear that makes me smile!

    // Happy to see that you enjoyed my previous comment! Did mail come on the morrow, as you hoped!?

    1. Thank you for the link. I'm not a knitter or sewer (yet!) but it sounds intriguing so I'll check it out anyways. :)
      I did get a piece of mail today: A postcard via Postcrossing. :)


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