Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Week in Pictures...

** The week started out very thunderstormy, much to our delight. We sat outside and watched the storms approach, the lightning followed by the ominous rumblings of the thunder. The first thunderstorm that hit was so loud it frightenend poor Bailey-dog, who got caught outside in it. Too frightened to move, his Mama (that'd be me) had to dodge lightning to rescue him from the backyard and bring him inside. The storms hit in a whirl of dust before the rain started falling. In the end around 15mm fell over the space of a few hours, and with it being so dry here in the past six months, we happily take whatever Mother Nature is willing to give. 
** The weather for the remaining of the week hovered around the high-20s and low-30s (degrees Celsius) and there was (and continues to be) not a single drop of rain in sight. Today it is supposed to reach 36*C, followed by a cool change at some point this evening. No rain on the radar.
** After a bit of a slump, I've rediscovered my reading mojo. I've almost finished the second book in less than a week. Book reviews should start appearing soon!
** Saturday morning I had to be out of bed at 5am to undertake a day-trip to Adelaide. At 5am it is still dark outside but the good thing about that was the amazingly beautiful sunrise we got to watch over the Ranges.
** The trip to Adelaide served a single purpose: Bathroom Renovation. We collected all the items we'd ordered, purchased the tiles and hunted down the few smaller items (like a mirror and a toilet roll holder) we needed before heading straight back home again. It was a long day but we now have everything we need to renovate the bathroom, which will begin in full ernest in about 10 days time. I am terribly excited about the prospect of finally having a bathtub after 4 years of living without one. Because, sometimes, what a girl really needs is a long soak in the tub with a good book and a mountain of bubbles.


  1. Does the box with Novelli on it have your new bath hidden inside?

    1. The bath didn't come in a box! Nor does it fit inside, so it's out in the shed at the minute. The box in the picture contains the basin vanity unit. :)

  2. Glad to hear you got back safely from your trip. A bath hey, now you will just need some rain to fill your tank, so you can enjoy it :)

    That is one big black cloud, and the lightening show was brilliant!


    1. The underground tank is near full and the above ground at about half capacity, maybe a little more with the last lot of rain we got. We had a top-up. :) Plenty of water for at least one bath! *lol*
      ~S. xo


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