Friday, March 22, 2013

365 Mail Art Project: Weeks 23 & 24

Autumn and Saint Patrick's Day were my inspiration for the last two weeks of mail art; stampers were my craft tool of choice.
#76 of 365:
Autumn leaves for Lina in Lithuania.

Clover leaf postcards for Saint Patrick's Day (clockwise from top):
#77 of 365 for Alison in Australia;
#78 of 365 for Rin in Australia;
#79 of 365 for Janice Marie in Australia.

#80 of 365:
Busy fern leaves in what was supposed to be the colours of dusk for Nicola in Australia.

#81 of 365:
Falling maple leaves for Laura in Australia.

#82 of 365:
I used stampers and watercolour paints to make matching paper and envelope for Sarah in USA.

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