Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Week in Pictures...

** I had hoped that with the arrival of March the summer weather would finally begin to ease, but alas! it hasn't been so. I think it might even be worse now as the days are in the mid-30s (*C) or higher and the humidity is up around 70%. We are not tropical. We're not even sub-tropical. Perhaps that's the reason why, unlike the tropical parts of the country, we don't get the relief of regular, afternoon rains. The week ahead appears to be much the same: High temperatures with high humidity but no rainfall. Clearly Mother Nature missed the memo about the changing seasons.
** Although warm, the mornings have been lovely; almost too beautiful to complain about. The moisture in the air creates a gentle mist that weaves itself around the trees and through the garden, before the warmth of the sun finally gobbles it up. I like to think of it as interactive weather: You can smell it, taste it, feel it, and it sustains the hope that autumn really is just around the corner.
** I got to spend a few precious hours with my grandparents this week as they were passing through on their way home from Adelaide. They live more than two hours west of us, in a cozy farming community on the Eyre Peninsula. They ended up staying longer than expected, which was wonderful.
** I also had a birthday. A little older and hopefully a little wiser, right? Shane took me out for a special off-the-menu gourmet vegetarian feast at our favourite local eatery (lucky we know the cook!). I spoiled myself and ordered books and shoes and nerdy postal knick-knacks, and received the most wonderfully thoughtful gifts from friends and family, including a pair of handcrafted emerald earrings from my sweetest friend, Lau. I finished the day watching episodes of Ghost Adventures and eating icecream cake. Not a bad way to spend a birthday at all.
How did you spend your week?


  1. Happy birthday Sarah. I hope that humidity moves on for you soon. It's the worst kind of heat when you aren't used to it.

  2. Sarah I'm with you about the continuing high humidity. Courtesy of the tropical moisture further up the country I suppose. Humidity just saps my strength totally. You're right about the mornings being pleasant. I do my household chores early and watch TV/DVD's during the more oppressive latter part of the day with the air-con going. You can always find our 2 dogs are sprawled on the tiles where they can take advantage of the cool air circulating around them :-)

  3. your photographs are beautiful. I love how you shared your week. My week was filled with sunshine and laughter as me and my love went away on vacation. It was a great week.

  4. Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday!
    I hope that your birthday was absolutely wonderful--and it sounds like it was! :)


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