Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Week in Pictures...

** With each passing week it is feeling more and more like autumn, which is a relief since Indian Summers are frustratingly common. The mornings are cool and bright, the afternoon shadows long and the evenings are notably chilly. The autumn equinox (Mabon) passed on Thursday so now the days are becoming shorter and shorter.
** We are still receiving the odd hotter day (or two) every week where the daytime temperature will suddenly soar to the mid-30s (*C), but a series of much cooler days generally follows. We had thunderstorms and 2mm of rain fall in the early hours of Thursday morning; the lightning was so bright and the thunder so loud we would wake with the arrival of each new storm, of which there were 4 between the hours of 2am and 5am. These came from the same front that spawned the tornadoes in rural Victoria.
** During the summer months we live on a lot of salads and fresh fruit, but now that the weather is cooling we are craving roasts, fresh breads and soups. If you've not tried this recipe for roasted vegetable soup then you must: It is absolutely delish and an autumn/winter favourite in our house.
** Had a lovely book haul this week with the arrival of an order I placed prior to my birthday, plus the surprise arrival of a belated birthday gift from the lovely Nicki. I've already read one, am halfway through another and I'm itching to get to the final two. I look forward to the days when it is cold enough to sit by the fire and simply immerse myself in a book for hours on end.
** Bailey-dog is enjoying the cooler days also. Every morning I find him soaking up the sun's rays on the back deck, a look of perfect contentment on his sweet spoodle face.
I hope your week was just as pleasant?


  1. It's definitely getting cooler down here, I love summer but love winter fashion so am trying to be positive. I love adding to my soup recipe will try this me out!

  2. Season changes are always welcomed and exciting! And Happy Birthday!!!
    Your bailey is so cute! Veda is getting a haircut on Wednesday (she needs a bath and a clean up, badly!), although we are in opposite seasons from you, going into spring it is still rather cool.

  3. I love how you are craving the cooler weather since you are coming out of summer and I am craving the warmer weather as in the US we head into spring. It delights me that the internet connects us. That soup sounds delicious, I am adding it to my recipie box.


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