Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kiss Me (I'm Irish)

[Me - a few years younger than what I am now - at Fore Abbey in Ireland]
Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day. I don't participate in the celebrations but I do find it a good day to reflect on where my family originates and how I came to be a South Australian. Like many Australians I have Irish ancestry; it is something that has always been assumed but in the process of researching my family history I have been able to confirm it with at least one set of great x4 grandparents (Isaac and Catharine) originating from Londonderry in Northern Ireland. They came out to South Australia as free settlers in the mid-1800s, eventually establishing their own farm at Bundaleer. As I continue to research my family tree I've no doubt I'll find further connections to the Emerald Isle (to not would just be odd).
Earlier in the week I received an email from Aine Greaney (author of Dance Lessons) advising that in "celebration" of St Patrick's Day (and all things Irish) she is providing access to three of her short stories on the theme Infidelity, Irish style via her website.
I wanted to share this information with you earlier but work committments kept me from the blog until now and I missed story #1 (Wednesdays). However, story #2 (La Belle Femme) is currently available for reading, and the third (What the Body Remembers) will be up in time for St Patrick's Day. So, if you are interested in some contemporary Irish fiction then I suggest to head over to Aine's website. Her work is lovely. And it's free.
Now, tell me: What is your connection to Ireland?


  1. A great-great-great I think if I remember correctly. Most of the rest is Scottish or unknown.

  2. So Great Grandma was born in County Cork in Ireland. She married Great Grandad somewhere along the line and my Grandad was born. He then met Grandma who was from Spennymoor in Count Durham and somehow they ended up in Bedford.


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