Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Week in Pictures...

** The week started as summer with hot days and humid nights, but by week's end it had morphed into autumn with cool, breezey days, bright orange sunsets and damp, dewey nights. Today it was only 11*C at 7.30am, a temperature we've not seen for at least four months and its sudden arrival gave us goosebumps. But that is what's so great about autumn: After months of seemingly endless heat you don't mind a bit of chill.
** We are eating the last of the summer fruits and veg (that which didn't die in the heat) whilst the weather forecast for the coming week only has one day above 35*C. Hopefully this means summer is well and truly drawing to a close for at least another 7 or 8 months, and we don't end up with an Indian Summer in May like we did last year. We pray for abundant, rejuvinating autumnal rains.
** Bailey-dog had his last "summer cut" this week. From now until next summer he'll only need a trim every 6 weeks or so. He's super cute all the time, but even more so with a bit of curl.
** Autumn has me unpacking my stampers and inks and decorating all sorts of items in the red, yellow, orange and brown of autumn leaves. This month I am taking part in the Love Notes Postcard Project and sent out my first postcard on Friday to J in Melbourne.
** I continue with the mail art, although this week I had to undertake a shopping trip to stock up on pens as I was officially penless. I think I've bought enough to last the next two months, but I have a terrible habit of scattering my pens throughout the house and then forgetting where I've put them, so when I need them I don't know where they are.
** I've been quiet on the blog these past couple weeks whilst I work on a novel critique and complete assignments for my editing course. I have many things to write about but just struggle to find the time at the minute, but I'm hoping the critique will be finished by the middle of this week. That should free up some time.
** Oh, and Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I hope your day is wonderfully green.


  1. The watermelon looks yummy! Haven't had any in a while.

    I have far too many pens. Really I need to keep writing more to use them all up or find a home for them.

  2. Your photograps are beautiful. Love seeing the Love Note tucke in there. xo


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